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Length: 75 mins
Posted: 29/4/05

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Devil’s Pie

Mixed by BiggaBush

Do you dare take a slice of the devil's pie? BiggaBush has baked a most delicious dessert, but beware the rogue elements that lurk within.

‘Sign of the Dub’ (BiggaBush Version) – Hyperdub

‘Way More’ – Diplo

‘Inner City Life’ – Re Jazz

‘Mellow Planet’ – Moonwalker

‘Ghetto Hell’ – Red Astaire

‘DJ Type Missions Pt 1’ – Solid Groove

‘House Plant’ – Ammon Contact

‘Fala Fala’ – Fatbeat Soundsystem

‘Afro Burger’ – Akwaaba

‘Lagos Soundsystem’ – Les Barons

‘Che Che Cole’ – Antibalas

‘Super Afro Beat’ – The Daktaris

‘Get Carter’ – Dan Moore

‘Bjork is Broken’ – Dave Ali

‘MHE45’ – MHE

‘For the Haters’ – Dirty Diggers

‘CollieNation’ (Apenaut mix) – Jugoe

‘Cuba Cabana Strand’ – Dubben