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Length: 77 mins
Posted: 15/4/05

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Moodshifter 5

Mixed by Michael Cook

If you're feeling down, Mr Cook will make you happy. If you're feeling happy, Mr Cook will make you happier ... with just a hint of melancholy.

‘Smooth One’ – Hoffman

‘Return to Blackspin’ – Ancient Astronauts

‘Runnin’ – Visioneers

‘Electric Pocket’ – Protassov

‘Sit Back See the World’ – Bias

‘For the Ride’ – Visioneers

‘Everyday’ – Sunburst Band

‘Rockers Galore’ – Butch Cassidy Sound System

‘Holy Moses’ – Lee Perry

‘Dolscissimi’ – Saint Privat

‘Sunshine’ (instrumental) – Kathy Diamond

‘Down On Me’ – Natalie Gardiner

‘It’s Complete’ – Atjazz

‘Do You Love Me Too?’ – Solar Apple Quarkette

‘Imagine’ – DJ Nu-Mark and Pomo

‘O Caroline’ – Matching Mole