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Length: 80 mins
Posted: 14/4/06

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Mid-Tempo Obscurity

Mixed by Michael Cook

Sometimes he who travels fastest does not arrive first. And he who travels slowest does not arrive last.

‘Collarbone’ – Fujiya & Miyagi

‘Never Forget It’ – Fusion

‘La Stache’ – Blackjoy

‘Stealth 1’ – Secret Stealth

‘Night On Earth’ – Passenger

‘We Got Magic’ – Ron Basejam

‘Eurodans’ – Todd Terje

‘We Are’ – Atlantic Conveyor

‘Galactico’ – Martin Brew

‘Walking On A Crystal Sea’ – Ilya Santana

‘Don’t Stay Outside 2night’ (Daphreephunkateerz Dub) – Pascal Rioux

‘A Place Called Tarot’ (Idjut Boys Re-Edit) – Tantra

‘Smokin Balls’ – Idjut Boys

‘Why Can’t I Stop’ – People’s Popular Front

‘Drop The Bomb’ – Second Whorl