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Length: 80 mins
Posted: 5/11/06

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Message to the Low Lives

Mixed by Michael Cook

You know who you are, and so does Mr Cook – who demands you rise up from your soulful sewers.

‘So Good Today’ – Ben Westbeech

‘Take You There’ (Hoop’s remix) – Tuff Love

‘Shine’ – Hundred Strong

‘Bossa Bags’ – Jazz Juice

‘Stealth 2’ – Secret Stealth

‘Taking Me Over’ (Crazy P remix) – Schmoov

‘An Announcement to Answer’ – Quantic

‘A Fly in the hand’ (DJ Vadim remix) – Alice Russell

‘40 Long Days’ – A.R.P.

‘If This Ain’t Love’ – Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

‘Amber Lady’ – Roman Andren

‘Leave Norway’ – High Feelings

‘San Salvador’ (Patchworks remix) – King Kooba

‘Sumthin’ Betta’ – Beatconductor

‘Smiling’ – Mark E

‘Just’ – Mark Ronson