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Length: 62 mins
Posted: 3/6/07

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Fired From the Decks

Mixed by Pinko

It's our twentieth mix – and Pinko has delved deep into his haul of buried treasure to bring us these gems.

ABC of Sound

‘Love Ya’ - Unkle Jam

‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ - Naz

‘Dusty’ - Explosion

‘Cheap thrills’ - Ninja Raver

‘We Are’ - Atlantic Conveyor

‘Ridin’ - Amp Fiddler (Carl Craig 7” Edit)

‘Ain’t Afraid To Beg’ - Runaway (Wurst Edit)

‘The Main Thing’ - Roxy Music (Rub-n-Tug’s Proton Saga)

‘Peaches and Prunes’ - Nightlife Unlimited

‘Wordy Rappinghood’ - Tom Tom Club (Musicbox Edit)

‘Is It All Over My Face’ - Loose Joints (S-Man Edit)

‘You Should Be Dancing’ - Bee Gees (High Priest Hidden Mix)

‘Unknown Track’ - Rey-D

‘Copicat’ - Will Saul

‘Spudda Dudda Doo’ - Count Funkula

‘The Goods’ - Cobblestone Jazz

‘Smoke Me’ - Pony Express